Indian Hotel Industry

The hotel industry in India thrives largely due to the growth in tourism and travel. The emergence of budget hotels in India to cater to the majority of the population who seek affordable accommodation has also materialized into an effective driver for growth. This sector will benefit due to certain Government regulations that will steer this sector towards further growth. Hotel Industry in India 2011 begins with an overview of the travel and tourism industry in India – providing the market size and growth as well as an indication of the foreign exchange earnings by the sector.

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Indian Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality- India India is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and tourist volumes have registered strong growth in the last five years. Tourist volumes are expected to grow at over 11% annually until 2015, with health and wellness tourism recording particularly strong growth due to the high healthcare costs in Western countries and the high-quality medical facilities offered in India.The Indian tourism sector has been experiencing a resilient phase of growth, driven by the flourishing middle class, increased spending by the foreign tourists, and synchronized administration and promotions by the Government of India to encourage ‘Incredible India’.

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