Here’s a quick help with most frequent queries from our visitors -

1. I cannot speak an additional language, is this going to hold me back from being hired as a cabin crew/ Airport staff?

Not at all, speaking additional language is not essential to become a cabin crew/ Airport staff, although it is desirable. However fluency in English and Hindi is a must for domestic Airlines. For international Air Carriers, Fluency in English is mandatory and knowledge of any regional or foreign language is an added advantage.

2. I never excelled at school, am i eligible to get hired as an Airline Crew or Hotel Staff?

The industry understand that not every prospective candidates excels at school, but have the required skills and qualities to fit in the requirements. If you did not manage to gain a distinction in your subjects but have cleared higher secondary education or have customer service experience then they will still consider you.

3. Do I have to live close to the airport that I would be based at whilst working as cabin crew/ Airport staff?

The candidate will be required to live within a certain distance from the airport they are based at. The majority of airlines set a distance of maximum of a 60 minute travel time radius. This is mainly because the candidate can be rostered on standby which means that they may get called for work at a short notice. Apart from this, it is much better to be close to the airport as there is nothing more tiring than finishing a long hour shift and then have to drive a long way back home!

4. How much would I earn working as cabin crew, Airport Ground Staff or as a Hotel Executive?

International Airlines

Flight Attendants/ Air Hostess
  • Rs 70,000- 1,50,000 per month(Initial 1-2 years depending on your performance, grade and duty hours)
Ground Crew
  • Rs 25,000- Rs60,000 per month
Hotel Executive
  • Rs 20000 onwards

Domestic Airlines

Flight Attendant/ Air hostess
  • Rs 30,000- 60,000 per month(Initial 1-2 years depending on your performance, grade and duty hours)
Ground Crew
  • Rs 12,000- Rs 25,000 per month
In addition to fixed Flying Hour remuneration, there are multiple allowances and bonuses. The string of cabin crew allowances and bonuses include:
  • Long haul bonuses, variable depending on destination
  • A daily overseas allowance per night
  • Nightly “incidental” allowance for costs such as laundry
  • Meal allowance
  • Excess time premium per additional hour
  • Telephone allowance
  • Commission on duty free sales
  • Commission on Sales on board
  • Stand By Allowance Note- (Allowance vary from Airline to Airline) Besides attractive perks, employees get free air tickets for themselves and family on the routes covered by the airlines.
Hotel Executive
  • Rs 8,000-Rs 20,000 onwards. Most hotels also offers allowances and tips among their employees and bonus for outstanding performance.

5. I wear glasses and have heard that I can only work as cabin crew if I have perfect eyesight, is this true? Does this also apply to Airport and Hotel Ground Staff?

No, airlines and hotels are fine about recruiting people who wear contact lenses or glasses providing these correct your vision to 20/20. However there are certain restrictions for Cabin Crew applicants and corrective surgery is not entertained due to safety reasons on board the aircraft.

6. Do I need to complete a course before applying?

Although, having a qualification or training relating to the role of a cabin crew, ground staff or Hotel Executive is not mandatory. However the airlines and Hotels prefer to recruit candidates who have the basic knowledge of the role they are applying for and are well versed with the operating reservation systems used by the Industry. These training are provided by the respective Airlines or Hotels after recruitment but undergoing a course before applying boosts confidence and awareness and increases the chances of selection by successfully acing the interview .

7. What kind of job opportunities one can expect in this sector?

  • Airline Industry- Traffic assistants, Reservation, Counter Executives, Air Hostess/ Flight Stewards, Sales Executives, Airport Duty Personnels and Call Centers etc.
  • Travel Agencies and Tour Operators- Reservation and Counter Executives, Sales and Marketing Executives etc.
  • Hotels- Travel Consultants, Front Office Executives/ Assistants, Reservation Executives, Restaurant Hostess, Relationship Managers etc.

8. Do I have to be a certain minimum age to enrol on a course?

To enroll on any of these vocational courses, a candidate normally needs to be a minimum age of 18. However one must be aware of the minimum age set by the airlines when applying to them.

9. What is the minimum age I can apply to be a cabin crew member?

Because of the new age discrimination legislation, which came into force from 1st October 2006, all UK based airlines cannot set minimum or maximum age restraints on anybody wanting to work as cabin crew. For any other Airlines the minimum age requirement may be set at 18, 19, 20 or even 21 and the maximum could be as low as 32. This age limit is relaxable for experienced Cabin Crew.

10. When is the best time to apply for a cabin crew, Airport/ Hotel Staff job?

Recruitment drives for the airlines tend to be ongoing throughout the year. Some Charter airlines and Budget hotels recruit higher at the beginning of the year for the busy summer season.

11. What kind of questions may I expect at my interview?

During the 2 on 1 stage of an interview, the interviewers will ask relevant questions to find out a little more about the applicant. for this stage of the interview and to find out what kind of questions they may ask and how to answer them, read our interview questions and answer guide.

12. What happens during my induction course once I am recruited?

Once recruited by an airline as a cabin crew member, the selected candidate has to complete a mandatory 6-12 weeks safety and emergency procedure training. During this time, candidate will be trained on:

  • Aircraft Evacuation
  • Ditching (landing on water)
  • Decompression
  • Fire Fighting
  • Passenger Management
  • Security Related Issues/ Bomb Threat, Hijack.
  • Extraordinary Situations
  • First Aid
  • Survival

After completion of the training, candidate has to appear for the written and mock examination conducted by DGCA for obtaining a legal permit and license to commence a career in this Industry.

During induction process of an Hotel staff, the candidate has to undergo training for a month or two in various departments ranging from Reception, F&B, Housekeeping and Reservation etc. This encourages a candidate to be thoroughly confident about the various operations and importance of co-ordination between these departments. After successful completion of the induction and evaluation by seniors one can start handling the department they have been recruited.

13. Which airline would suit me best?

It is a personal decision that one has to make in selecting their preferred Airline. To find the right airline, it is best to do some research before applying. Factors for consideration are:

  • The size of the company - do you want to work in a small and friendly company or a larger corporate one.
  • The destinations they offer - do you want to go for an airline that specialise in short-haul flights, long haul flights or an airline that offers both.
  • The incentives they offer to their cabin crew.
  • The career progression you can have within the company.

14. I have already applied to an airline but was not accepted, can I apply to them again?

Normally, one can only re-apply to an airline after 6 months of first application. Many cabin crew who were not successful for the first time they applied, cleared their interview later after multiple applications. During the 6 months period it is advised to focus on building up customer service experience, improving your skills and knowledge on being a cabin crew member.

In case you haven’t found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us, our customer support will be happy to help you.