Reference Height Chart

Feet/Inches -> Centimeters 4 feet 6 inches - 137 cm 4 feet 7 inches - 140 cm 4 feet 8 inches - 142 cm 4 feet 9 inches - 145 cm 4 feet 10 inches - 147 cm 4 feet 11 inches - 150 cm 5 feet 0 inches - 152 cm 5 feet 1 inches - 155 cm 5 feet 2 inches - 157 cm 5 feet 3 inches - 160 cm

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Medical Assessment

CLASS-II MEDICAL ASSESSMENT ( Applicable to Cabin Crew and Airport Ground Staff). Few of the same tests are also applicable for Hotel Staff. These requirements are applicable for initial and renewal medical examinations of Personnel holding PPL, SPL, GPL, Free Balloon Pilots, Flight Radio Telephone Operators. Ultra Light Aircraft Operators and Cabin Crew Attendants. Once a Candidate clears all the interview rounds, these medical tests are advised and upon its clearance you become a proud employee.

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Some facts about flying

HAVE YOU EVER watched a balloon as it slowly meandered upward into the sky? The balloon is able to fly because the air within it is lighter than the surrounding air—just set it free and it’s off. Many people think quite differently about airplanes, however. Knowing that these machines are clearly heavier than air, they might wonder what exactly keeps an airplane in the sky. And they might fear that any airplane might just fall out of the sky.

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