Growth in Aviation industry

April 21, 2011

Good news, the industry is on a growth path in a big way. Let’s have a look at what markets are saying;

The massive growth capabilities shown by the Aviation industry in last few years and revival after slow down demands trained professionals with specialized skills, the right attitude and adequate knowledge. With the revival of the aviation sector, the next 10 years could see a three-fold increase in demand for skilled personnel. The demand may well see India facing a manpower shortage as early as 2011-12, as per Global aviation consultancy Center for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA). Indian Aviation and Hospitality market is already abuzz with the news of the shortage as predicted by CAPA:

  1. Airlines industry salaries to shoot up by 30%; carriers scout for staff

  2. Airlines to hire 5,000 as aviation boom returns

  3. Domestic airlines back to hiring as fleet expansion gains speed

Cheers, Indian aviation needed such a boost since a long time. With India on a path of becoming world’s leading economy the good times for aviation and hospitality in India has arrived smile